In Europe, codeshare agreements became popular in 1993 after EU deregulation. In 2007, the European Commission published a final report on the impact of codeshare agreements with airlines on competition. This article showed that 100 of the 100 airlines surveyed had already signed a codeshare with one or more airlines around the world. Travelers can also earn airline miles from the airline they booked with, even if they are not members of the operating airline, provided both airlines are part of the codeshare partnership. It is important to remember that all airlines offer different services. Even if you have booked with a particular airline, if another operates the flight, you will experience the service of the “operating” airline. So, you may have booked a flight with regular connections and end up experiencing a premium service and vice versa. The term codeshare agreement was born in 1989 with Qantas and American Airlines. They offered a star service using their homes at Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne airports. Passengers should check their ticket information before purchasing to see who is actually running the flight.

It can be extremely difficult to modify or modify a codeshare flight. Note: This list consists only of operators whose code sharing relationships are new or in progress. Dormant code sharing relationships at the known scale have been removed. If a flight is sold under multiple labels and flight numbers, as described above, the flight published by the “administering airline” is commonly referred to as “Prime Flight” (as opposed to a codeshare marketing flight). Code sharing increases connectivity. It allows travelers to book connections in one place and charge their trip by an airline. Travelers can also fly with multiple airlines with a single ticket and are protected in case of delay. For airlines, the importance of codeshare agreements is access to new markets. For example, GOL would not be able to fly to the Middle East with its current fleet.

With the codeshare it signed with Ethiopian this month, its passengers can now travel to Ethiopia and beyond. Finally, a unilateral operation exists when an airline is in no way involved in the operations. So what does the carrier that does all the hard work gain from this kind of deal? It uses the other airline`s brand to get passengers to fly with them, as Pranchi Juneja wrote. Parallel operation: A parallel codeshare agreement is a process between two airlines operating the same route. .