The figures used in the agreement illustrate the amount of royalties that a reasonably successful songwriter could expect to obtain after some negotiations. Some agreements provide for royalties to intensify when the validity period is long and options are exercised, while others provide for escalations based on chart positions or sales. The songwriter`s agreement defines the fundamental relationship between the songwriter and the publisher. It entrusts the publisher with control over most copyright issues, subject to certain areas of control that remain by the songwriter and songwriter over the royalties earned by the work. As in most agreements, some provisions are considered “standard” on the basis of industry practices and practices, but many points are fully negotiable by the parties depending on the stature of the songwriter, economic realities and the flexibility of the publisher. If you get a contract that covers only one composition, make sure that the terms “interim” and “exclusive author agreement” are not included. Moreover, there should be no options for future songs. In return, the publishing house makes available to the songwriter a weekly, monthly or quarterly advance, such as a salary that must be amortized in the same way as in the case of a co-publication or administration contract. If you have already signed publishing contracts, you must be linked to either ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. .