Following the 1967 referendum, when Australians successfully voted to amend the Constitution to allow the Commonwealth to pass laws for Aboriginal people and include them in the population census, many areas put considerable pressure on negotiating a legally binding and formal agreement or treaty between the Australian Government and Indigenous Australians. While in Australian history there were contractual demands in different forms, they became stronger after the referendum. [Footnote 2] Narungga Nation Chief Executive and Aboriginal Chief Uncle Klynton Wanganeen will focus on this year`s “Voice” theme. Contract. The Committee on Information and Policy of the Committee on Information, Information Policy and Policy of the Committee on Services, Information Policy and Whether the final report contained information on general methods of communication for the target groups who were able to participate in the consultation process, including by high-level Aboriginal organisations, it did not contain further information on the specific `Aboriginal target actors` contacted to participate in the selection of these interest groups and on the methods used to ensure that all Aboriginal communities were informed and were able to participate. or which communities could not or did not want to participate. [footnote 45] Despite this, the process was open and all members of the Aboriginal community could participate if they chose to do so.