Once we have identified a suitable tenant and you have agreed to rent the property, we work with the tenant to explain what is needed. There are also important contract forms and leases to sign, which are governed by the Western Australian Residential Tenancies Act. As part of our service, we take care of all this for you and make sure that everything is fully compliant with the rules and regulations. Additional conditions may not stand in the way of the standard, nor may it be amended, or attempt to exclude any of the legal provisions of Western Australia`s right to apply it to the agreement. Decide how much control you want to have on your property. Your lawyer can help you design a lease agreement that will give you flexible termination rights such as the ability to renew or terminate the lease as quickly as possible. The standard form agreement not only provides room for relevant details, but it also easily lists the standard terms that must apply to all agreements under Western Australian law. If you wish to terminate the tenancy agreement before the end date, you must inform the tenant in writing. The notice period required varies depending on the terms of the contract. If your tenant has decided to accept your termination, you may need to compensate him for an amount that depends on the terms of your contract. In Western Australia, this standard housing lease form should be used for agreements between: we also provide them with a brochure on consumer issues, which explains some of their rental rights and obligations. We must publish them in accordance with the legal requirements of this brochure.

A common situation is that the tenant has exclusive ownership of his own bedroom and sharing kitchen, bathroom and laundry. The description in the agreement of the portions of the tenant`s property and the non-exclusive property guarantees the rights and obligations of all parties. We explain to the tenant the most important parts of the contract before getting them to sign it. We will then send you a copy of the lease with a copy of the audit report. Written agreements guarantee the lease and security We establish a lease agreement that covers the details of the lease with the terms and conditions. Indeed, the contract signed is a contract that has legal consequences if it is broken. This is essential to guarantee your rights under the agreement if things go wrong. It is recommended not to enter into oral agreements and, if so, they should be supported by a subsequent written agreement. The lease obligation was paid at the beginning of the lease as collateral for the lease.

This money does not technically belong to you and you must return it to your tenants at the end of the lease if they have not defaulted the lease at all.