3.8B.6 On his first appointment as a specialist teacher, each teacher is entitled to reimbursement of tuition fees for relevant post-secondary qualifications, up to a maximum of $1,000 per year (these years should not be followed one after the other, provided that the teacher continues to be appointed scT). These include teachers who were appointed as specialized teachers at the time of the settlement of this convention. (i) Following the publication of staff plans, employer councils request written expressions of interest regarding the following optional options, as described in paragraph 3.9.7 of this agreement: NZSTA and NZPPTA hope that the parties to this agreement will use these guidelines as they work towards policies and practices to reflect their employment commitments to Maori teachers and their commitments to recognize goals and aspirations Maori. Payment under this clause is made in accordance with the following provisions. For the purposes of these provisions, the regular salary is defined as a basic taxable salary plus the taxable allowances paid permanently on the effective date of the position. For teachers who go on holiday without pay, regular pay is the normal salary at the time of leave. 3.8A.3 Time allowances are aggregated when the person provides curriculum-specific advice and advice to two junior teachers who generate time. A worker may have an individual employment contract or, if unionized, is covered by a relevant collective agreement. All schools must have a letter of employment, a job description for each worker and an IEA (accessible by letters of offer) for each worker. Employers and employees may include as many terms in the employment contract as they wish, but there are some that must include an agreement.

An employment contract cannot have conditions that are not as good as the legal minimum, even if the employer and the employee have agreed (if these types of conditions are included in an employment contract, they cannot apply and have no effect). Explore good assessment practices to determine which potential approaches are most appropriate for executives in high schools. (PDF 266kB) At the request of the teacher and with the consent of the original employer and the board of the other school, the teacher may choose to accept his nickname in the same school or in another school. 3.16.1 During the 2015-2018 school years, groups of three or more teachers may apply for funding under the Teacher-run Practical Research Innovation Fund. Temporary units assigned to teachers prior to the official merger date are maintained until the agreed expiry date of the units in which the teacher is confirmed or reassigned to the merged school. In the first 30 days, new workers must be employed under conventional conditions where there is a collective agreement. An employee and an employer may agree on additional conditions that are more favourable than those provided in the collective agreement. Individual employment contracts are negotiated by an employer and a worker; they should fully discuss the terms of employment and put them into the employment contract before the worker starts working. When a teacher is in a position about to be dissolved and the teacher before the dissolution comes into force, refuses an offer of tenure from his employer appropriate to the same salary, or asks for and refuses an offer of employment for an apprenticeship for which the teacher is fit by another board of directors, the teacher`s employment may be terminated from the effective date of the dismissal and no other compensation may be paid.