If the host configuration allows for the collection of SLA data, the results of this permanent query are stored in a local database. This database contains two basic information: the host responds to our requests and how long it takes to get those answers. These two data allow us to verify whether host availability and performance follow a pre-defined service quality, our service level contract. RTT_Threshold: The agreement`s response time limit indicates that the quality of service is expressed as a percentage of something (availability, performance) over a defined period, such as a day or a week. For example, 99% of availability over a week means that a host was not available for a cumulative time of 100 seconds. 99% of performance over a weekly period means that the response time was only 100 seconds longer than the preset value set by the agreement. If you don`t know Lua yet, you`ll soon be enough. Lua is fast, reliable, portable, powerful and needs space. It will also be a great acceptance in the world of on-board aircraft.

Many may only know it as the language used to create video games (and video game mods), but it has also been adopted by NASA, Adobe, NGINX and Mozilla – to name a few. Mercedes Benz includes Lua in its FOSS license agreement (I`m not sure where Lua is used in cars, so if anyone knows, I`d love to hear from you!) Many developers already use Lua for its lightweight scripts, web development, image processing functions and on-board device programming such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices. We are here to expand and support the language and its community, as it expands its reach into different sectors and applications. STime: The time stamp at the start time (binary OS: os.time-Year 2006,monat-5,day-30,hour-0)) Before Lua 5.0 Lua used its own license, which was very close to the zlib license and others, but not quite the same. Check the distribution of the source for the exact text of the license for each version before Lua 5.0. If you want to use these older versions, you can assume that they have all been re-licensed under the MIT license described above. When LoriotPro ends following a system crash, the database file is not properly closed.