Source: Reproduction of Senate Q and R, p. 158. In his May 26 confirmation letter, Adenauer quoted the text of McCloy`s letter and confirmed receipt. For the Chancellor`s letter, see ibid., 158-159. Source: Reprinted from Senate Q and R, 161-162. Secretary Acheson responded to the letter on the same day, citing the text of the letter and stating that the U.S. government had taken note with satisfaction of the Chancellor`s assurances. The full text of Achesson`s letter is available at ibid., 162-163. (1) The contracting parties provide for the performance of the secretarial duties relating to this Agreement, taking into account existing arrangements under other international agreements relating to the prevention of marine pollution in the same region as this Agreement. [The text of this agreement is not printed here. You will find the full text at Senate Q and R, pages 131-133.] 1. In the absence of agreement on the financial arrangements governing the measures taken by the parties to combat pollution, which could be concluded on a bilateral or multilateral basis or in joint action to combat pollution, the parties will bear the costs of their respective pollution control measures covered in paragraphs (a) or b) : the Bonn Agreement (officially the agreement on interim arrangements in Afghanistan until the restoration of permanent government institutions) was the first set of agreements, adopted on 5 December 2001, aimed at re-establishing the State of Afghanistan after the US invasion of Afghanistan in response to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001.

In the absence of a national government since 1979 in Afghanistan, it was deemed necessary to have a transition period before a permanent government was established. A nationally agreed government would require the convening of at least one jirga de loya; However, in the absence of law and order following the rapid victory of the armed forces of the North American and Afghan alliance, immediate action was taken to prove necessary. The original of this agreement, which is also believed in the English, French and German texts, is filed with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, which sends a certified copy in accordance with the contracting parties and sends to the Secretary General of the United Nations a certified copy for registration and publication in accordance with Article 102 of the United Nations Charter. [The text of this Convention, including the Charter of the Arbitration Commission for Property, Rights and Interests in Germany, annexed to the Convention, is not reproduced here.