Reporting obligations have been suspended by the following statutes: To request the right to recreational concealment of gold and other high-value minerals in Alberta`s rivers and streams: See mineral exploration for process information. This report will provide detailed information on the DRRZD or the ZD requested. A DRRZD/ZD is a unique identification number assigned by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). Alberta Energy also deferred all land sales and the direct purchase of oil and natural gas rights and minority oil sands rights by at least 90 days. Alberta Energy announced the stay in the 2020-14 newsletter available here. All of the following reporting obligations in accordance with sand conservation rules and authorizations: Use this form to report quarterly on production and royalties paid to the Crown and/or not to declare and confirm production for the calendar year. This report is due on the day or before the last day of the month following the production quarter. The form is required when royalties are submitted through the Electronic Transmission System (SCE). Use this form to apply for the right to explore metal and industrial ores in Alberta at a specific location. An authorization is a mineral claim in most other Canadian jurisdictions. This form allows you to report quarterly on the production and royalties payable to the Crown. It is also used to not declare and confirm production for the calendar year. This report will provide information on the agreement, which will include: contract status, contract area, different dates, duration of agreement, appointment adjustments, related agreements, service address, current participants, country/area description and production unit activity.

This report is made available when the type of agreement and the agreement numbers are indicated. As the ammonite shell is a fossil, it is considered a paleontological resource. An exception to the wealth resource management branch is needed to restore ammonitenshell. For more information, please see: To benefit from these extensions, companies must submit renewal applications before the agreement expires. Successful applications extend the duration by one year from the expiry date. In the 2020-09 newsletter available here, Alberta Energy announced that it would offer a one-year renewal for the oil and gas agreements, oil sands contracts and metal and industrial ore permits, which will expire from March 20, 2020 to December 31, 2020 included. We will continue to monitor new developments in light of the current situation and provide updates as more information becomes available. Alberta Energy suspended certain reporting obligations, deferred land sales and direct purchases of oil and natural gas rights and mining rights for the oil sands, and offered a one-year extension for oil and gas agreements, oil sands agreements and industrial mineral permits. Alberta`s Environment and Parks has also suspended reporting obligations with some exceptions. To apply for Crown mineral rights for the development and production of metal and industrial ores: the following reports are excluded from the ministerial decree: the possibility of granting guarantees above or for transfer is determined by the terms of the lease.

With respect to Crown leases, the Alberta Mines and Minerals Act provides that a transfer by a taker may take place if the transfer complies with the Alberta Crown Minerals Registration Regulation and if the transfer transfer transfers the entire lease, an indisputable interest in the lease agreement or part of the location included in the lease agreement. The law and regulations also govern the registration of security interests against Crown Mineral-Leasing.