(4) For the payment of liquidation damages resulting from a delay in payment of rent and/or returned cheques; This is appreciated – but you should note that there are several spelling errors in the above clauses. Tenants are late if: a) the tenant does not pay rent or other amounts earned; (b) Tenants, guests or inmates violate this arrangement, rules or laws relating to fire, safety, health or criminal law, whether arrested or convicted; (c) Tenants leave the premises; (d) tenants report false or false information in the rent application; (e) tenants or persons who are arrested, convicted or convicted as a result of an offence involving a person or who involve the possession, production or supply of a controlled substance, marijuana or drug by state law; (f) illegal or parapherne drugs are found on the premises or on the person of tenants, guests or detainees in the premises and/or on the person; (g) as authorized by law. While many sublease cases fall into the example above, others are a little different. For example, some tenants want to list your property on Airbnb or a similar rental platform in the short term to earn extra money while they are away. I can`t wait to see your stories. What are your personal or preferred rental clauses and how did they help you with your rentals? Do you plan to allow pets in your building? As an owner, you can set the rules for pets that you will accept and will not accept. You want to z.B. only cats or want to set a weight limit for dogs. Check your insurance policy and HOA rules (if any) to check for additional restrictions. However, your rental agreement must contain some basic rental conditions. LATE FEES AND ALLOCATION OF PAYMENTS.

In the event that any rent payment payable by the tenants is not paid in FULL TO THE TWO (2nd day) of each month, the tenant pays, in addition to these fees or other costs due, an initial rent corresponding to 5% of the SUM OF MONTHS. In addition, the late fee of TWENTY DOLLARS ($20.00) per day will be charged by the tenant (s) for each day that payment is delayed after the second day of the month. It is important to have an enforceable lease that protects both you and your customers. It has to stand in court, something you need to talk to your lawyer, because local laws can vary greatly. Although your individual lease may differ from mine, I have included here a series of clauses that can help you – or at least that you should consider. Please note that the wording of these clauses may not be yours and that advice to property managers and real estate lawyers is best placed to prepare your own rental agreement. These clauses spared me tens of hours of correspondence and thousands of dollars in the right drama, simply because I put them in the lease. This clause defines a tenant`s obligations. According to landlord`s law, tenants have a special responsibility to preserve rental property. Tenants must keep their property safe from safety or sanitation risks. They must not cause damage to rents and must comply with all building and housing codes.

The specific obligations of tenants in your state`s tenant laws should be included in this tenancy clause. The problem is that there is an increased responsibility for you as an owner. Short-term tenants have meant that there are people on your property who you have not verified and who have not signed your lease. If one of them is injured, you can see a trial. This is why many landlords opt for a clause in their rental agreement prohibiting Airbnb rentals for tenants.