Are there things I can`t do with the software? Yes, yes. Because the software is licensed and not sold, Microsoft reserves all rights (for example. B rights under intellectual property protection laws) that are expressly granted in this Agreement. In particular, this license gives you no rights and you cannot use or virtualize the functions of the software separately, publish, copy (with the authorized backup copy) the functions of the software for renting, renting or lending; transfer the software (if not allowed in this agreement), try to bypass, modify, decompilize or disassemble technical protection measures in the software, unless the laws in which you live allow it, even if our consent does not allow it. In this case, you can only do what your law allows. If you use Internet-based features, you cannot use these features in a way that could affect other people`s usage, or try to access services, data, accounts or networks in an unauthorized way. A. Software pre-installed on the device. If you purchased the pre-installed software on a device (and also updated by the software preinstalled on a device), you can only transfer the software`s direct use license to another user with the licensed device. The transfer must contain the software and, if necessary, an authentic Windows label, including the product key. Before any authorized transfer, the other party must agree that this agreement applies to the transfer and use of the software.

If you live in Japan or purchased the software while you lived in Japan, we grant you the following rights under our licenses: (iv) Preview.You can use previews, insider announcements, beta versions or other preliminary versions of the software (“Previews”) that Microsoft may provide. You can only use previews until the software expires, as long as you meet all the terms of this Agreement. The previews are experimental and may be significantly different from the commercial version. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this contract, previews are provided and these versions are not subject to an implicit or explicit guarantee (including the restricted warranty). By installing previews on your device, you may invalidate or compromise your device`s warranty and you may not be entitled to assistance from your device manufacturer or network operator, if any. Microsoft is not responsible for the damage it causes you. Microsoft may not provide preview support services. When you provide Microsoft with comments, suggestions or other preview comments (“submission”), you give Microsoft and its partners the right to use the transmission in any way and for any purpose. (i) warranty. The duly licensed software essentially works as described in all Microsoft materials that are attached to the software. However, the manufacturer or installer and Microsoft do not provide a contractual guarantee regarding the licensed software. Microsoft offers limited support services for licensed software, as described in