Horizon Standard Edition offers a simple and powerful VDI with a great user experience. Horizon Standard Edition and its components are conceded by simultaneous connection. Horizon Standard Edition includes desktop virtualization, application virtualization and virtual infrastructure. The simultaneous user license is designed for virtual environments with a high number of workers stationed where machines are shared by workers during the day (for example. B students, shift workers). To upgrade a product with a “less” feature to a product with a more comprehensive feature set containing the functionality of the lower product, VMware has created specific SKUs that match authorized upgrade locations. With the exception of feature upgrades to the VMware View product, there are no separate support and upgrade (SnS) services. Customers order the full SnS SKU for the target license with the license upgrade. All remaining SnS on the original license will be credited in the form of additional days on the new SnS replacement license. The models mentioned in this section offer the basic product license at 1 year, 3 or 5 years of physical or electronic authorization.

VMware ESXi: A version of the leading VMware hypervisor that can be integrated into server hardware. It can be allowed in different ways: And even if all these things are already old, SoftwareONE can help prepare the results of the license inventory so that they even meet VMware standards. In this sense, I wish everyone a truly compliant 2016. We`re catching up in the cloud! The license of VMware products purchased by Lenovo is activated via the Lenovo Features on Demand (FoD) website. An authorization code with instructions to activate the function or license is sent to the person who is listed as a contact in the command. The authorization code is a 22-digit alphanumeric chain that is proof of purchase and allows you to update or activate the VMware product you purchased. The infrastructure manager believes that such problems could be avoided through direct action. “I have to think it would be easier with VMware. The purchase of a new license and the application on our portal are very fast, but improvements with a third are progressing very slowly. First, the classic situation where the customer does not have enough licenses is virtually unknown. Of course, it is possible to divide, group or reallocate license keys. Customers are required to exercise some caution with respect to old keys.

But these are the exceptions. VMware is more focused on the interpretation of documents.