Question from Debra: We have two daughters 17 and 11 and I completed the visit. However, he asked that they go on holiday this month. The 17-year-old is currently taking studies and studies courses in the summer and taking exams next week. Our 11-year-old daughter says she won`t leave because she doesn`t trust him; He lies, snuggles up and drinks alcohol. He did not ask for the holidays as in the visitation policy (30 days before the start of the last day of school). Do they have to go on holiday with him? It is best to establish these rules in the custody contract, so that parents know exactly what to do. Then a parent can go to the beach and relax with the kids! In general, the parent must inform the other parent 30 days in advance to take unspecified leave. Both parents should have the same period of leave in the parents` schedule. Parents should also decide if there is a make-up visit for the other parent if the children are bored because they are on vacation.

Question from Angie: My sister has exclusive physical and legal custody. There is nothing about leave in the divorce log. Her ex says he has the first choice and tells her she has to go around her vacation. Even if he takes the children on vacation, he won`t tell her where they`re going, and when she talks to the kids, he won`t tell her where they are. Is there anything she can do to remedy this situation? If you feel the need to change your custody order, an experienced family lawyer can guide you through this trial. Be sure to consult with one of you before taking steps that could compromise your custody rights. The definition of how the leave period is managed is only a very small part of what should be spent on an appropriate education plan, but it is also a very important part. In general, most custody and visitation orders, especially when written by a lawyer, will have important details on all aspects of a child`s education. These include provisions relating to parental responsibility for important decisions, principal residence, education period (visit) and other issues that may be regulated between parents.

One of the most important but important issues that should be addressed in any “parental plan” is to ensure that there are provisions for the period of education for holidays and holidays. Custody agreements should reflect your child`s best interests at the time of issuance. However, over time, you and the other parent may find that the agreement should change to reflect your child`s growth, both in terms of maturity and development. The holiday period is often an aspect of an agreement that you want to change as your child gets older. While it is not advisable for you to remove a baby from the city for two weeks, taking a 15-year-old from the state to enjoy a summer vacation with you is another matter. Can the child and parent leave the country? Will they be unattended? Can the other parent come into contact with the child during the holidays? All of these concerns, and more, must be addressed in writing to avoid litigation and serious legal complications. There are many ways to decide how you and your ex-spouse establish the custody contract for the vacation child. It is important to outline the extended parental leave that each parent may have during the summer holidays. In Colorado, it is normal for people to have certain leave rules in their custody rules.