Contract providers can use this form to add a product, supplier or location to an existing contract. Please note that all changes must be made at the delegate`s request if you are related to a delegated manager. Contact your Delegate Manager for more information. Please note that wraparound training is a prerequisite for TCM (Mental Health) Targeted Case Management providers to offer intensive targeted case management. Check out the Wraparound training for MH TCM/Rehab Provider. Superior HealthPlan provides administered health care to more than 1.3 million Texas residents in 254 counties. Since 1999, they have taken a first approach to health by focusing on the overall health of individuals and forming collective partnerships to support their members, one after the other. That`s why Superior is one of the leading Medicaid projects in Texas. Superior HealthPlan has also been recognized by Early Matters Greater Austin for its commitment to the health and safety of its employees as a family-friendly workplace. Superior is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a Fortune 50 company. Centene is a diversified multinational health care company that provides a portfolio of services to publicly funded health programs that focus on underinsured and uninsured people. Superior HealthPlan handles members of the 254 counties in Texas. Unrelated providers can use this form to express interest in joining the higher network.

We are currently accepting applications for network participation for PCPs and many specialties. Please complete the network participation form and allow up to 30 days to assess and respond to your request. Superior HealthPlan is the only provider of health services for children and adolescents in care. As part of a contract with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, they work with clinics and hospitals across the country to ensure that every child has access to essential care, including primary care providers, behavioral physicians and vision services. In addition to STAR Health, Superior also offers STAR (Medicaid), Children`s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), STAR Kids (Medicaid), STAR-PLUS (Medicaid) and STAR-PLUS Medicare-Medicaid Plan (MMP) in many Texas cities and counties.