Non-compliance/observations disclosed during the audit are documented and the company representative confirms by signing that non-compliance/observations are understood and accepted. At the closing meeting with the participation of the ship`s management, the senior auditor informs whether the system meets the requirements of the ISM code and discusses the non-compliance/observations found. He/she also provides information about his or her condition or the non-condition of issuing the certificate. The test report is forwarded to the Shipmaster/Company representative immediately after the completion of the ship`s inspection, along with the audit data. If the company already has a valid DOC issued by flag State Administration or the approved agency, this document will be accepted as proof of compliance with the requirements of the ISM Code, unless there is evidence of anything else. As a general rule, audits must be carried out on board the vessel in port. In exceptional cases, PRS S.A. conducts, in agreement with the Company, an examination at anchorage or during a short trip. The test cannot be carried out on a ship or moored or if the vessel is not fully manned. Recognized by more than 110 flags, RINA relies on a global network and highly qualified auditors who can find and find the most appropriate solutions to improve weaknesses in management systems and avoid gaps. When conducting audits, we also consider the specific requirements of each Flag Administration.

We can also do ISM certification for vessels that are not classified with us. In addition, RINA Academy offers training on the security management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISM code (DPA, internal auditor and refresher course). The certification fee for the security management system is calculated on the basis of the PRS S.A. Discounts can be applied to rates relative to the company and country of service. Systems that are not fully implemented are subject to the same principles of application, but testing is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the “Verification for Intermediate Documents” paragraph. After application review, PRS S.A.