(i) Following: This arbitration provision survives the termination of your card as well as the voluntary payment of debts by you, any legal procedure on our part to recover a debt owed by you and the bankruptcy of you or us. If a party of this arbitration rule is considered invalid or unenforceable in accordance with a principle or provision of the law or justice in accordance with the FAA, it will not invalidate the other parties to that arbitration provision, the agreement or an agreement you have entered into with us, each of which is enforceable regardless of that disability. We may amend or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice, unless required by law. They are informed, before the effective date of the amendment, of any changes in the manner provided by the applicable law. They are bound by such changes and should therefore check from time to time the current terms and conditions published on the program manager`s website at www.movo.cash. You agree to receive certain messages on your device authorized by the program manager in connection with your use of your card via Apple Pay. From time to time you may receive push alerts that reflect your card activity. If you don`t want to receive notifications, you can disable these notifications about the device`s settings on your authorized device. You agree to receive notifications and other communications via email to the email address registered for your card. In addition, you agree to receive notifications and communications via the “Message Center” for your card at www.movo.cash or via Apple Pay`s email features. To update the contact information you have registered for you, please log in to your card account at www.movo.cash. The terms and conditions below (these “Terms of Use”) apply when you add and use your American Express cards® (each a “card”) authorized in Samsung Pay on compatible devices, as defined by Samsung (“Supported Devices”).

These terms of use are a legal agreement between you and American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.