The Residence Hall Agreement (RHA) signed by the UP Residence Agreements (RHA) stated that no affiliation could be left in the room or locker by students who leave during the semester and summer holidays. UPLB designates Baker Hall as an evac`n centre for UPLB residents (…/uplb-designates-baker-hall-as-evacn-…/) UP residences then call for workplace safety to clarify things with the guidelines and take into account the students` financial difficulties. Safety and security as protection of occupational health and safety were then declared that objects that would remain in the bedroom would be considered temporary, P150 per day or P4,500 per month. SamasamaTulongtulong is… up community to unite to provide assistance to #RollyPH and #UlyssesPH affected by recent typhoons. Please read the contribution for details on how to make a cash and in-kind donation. Announcement: Intermittent water supply in the cfNR Complex, UPLB Dormitories and adjacent housing units is due to the damaged deep well pump. The Alliance of Dormitory Associations of the University of the Philippines-Los Basos (ADA-UPLB) thanks for medicine and others… Frontliner, donors and collaborators who have helped UPLB residents and students through these difficult times. You know that your service has helped relieve the situation of stranded dormitories and has improved their stay on campus despite this pandemic. . Due to bad weather, we resume donations and efforts to recondition TOMORROW, November 13, from 8am to 5pm in the CHK MBT Coaches` lounge.

As another disaster ravages the country, we are all called upon to extend any possible aid. “We sincerely do our best to gather all your concerns and challenge them to the administration,” upLB ADA assured UP scammers. For any request in the dormitory, you can now contact the Office of Student Housing – OVCSA. After the university handed over student housing services to OVCSA in June 2020, UHO-OVCCA is now focusing on managing and developing the university`s housing programs and services for staff. These include personal housing for UPLB`s allied agencies and pioneering housing. We are pleased to be available to UPLB`s stranded residences. Padayon! “I just hope they (the administration) more thoughtful kasi we are in a pandemic. Her halip na`yung panggastos for food and needs na long ang iintindihin, can learn online/remotely pa na paparating tapos can pay pa pala like this na need isipin,” Katherine Ericka Cornejo of Men`s Residence Hall explained.