The district is the grouping of all OSSTF bargaining units attached to an employer. In our case, the employer is the TDSB. Our district is District 12, Toronto. These members include: Board Certified Behaviour Analysts Orientation and Mobility Specialists for the Blind Psychology Staff Psychological Associates, Psycho-educational Consultants] School Social Workers Speech Language Pathologists There are two other bargaining units in District 12, OTBU and professional Student Personnel Services (PSSP), which represents social workers, language pathologists and language pathologists. If a PSSP member is in private practice (children in Ottawa as clients), you must declare the potential conflict of interest. The key is that the client is aware of the free OCDSB services while wishing the doctor`s services. It is important to get it in writing. This is just one example. Many practicing physicians have their own forms that correspond to board policy. Members wishing to access the Early Retirement Gratuity Payout or SULP must have a “Promote Education” profile.

The collective agreement unit is the group of workers who are part of a particular collective agreement. In our case, we are the Toronto Teachers` Bargaining Unit of District 12, Toronto. We represent all contract teachers who teach in secondary education and those who teach class 9 in high schools or high schools. We also represent teachers in continuing education programs for adults and other continuing education teachers. Do you have a safety issue in the workplace? Or do you have to report an accident at work? The general meeting will be held in May 2021. These are instructions sent by the superintendent of the LSD. If a pssp professional is having trouble organizing the disk space, it may be helpful to refer to this policy. If you are still unwilling to host the PSSP member, please inform your supervisor first. You can also seek union advice. Join the PSSP District 25 Facebook page.

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