NOTE: Rs. 1,500 is the documentation calculated for the limit values sanctioned for the MOS scheme. Interest is calculated monthly. 24% per year is calculated for late ME payments for MIS loans. Gold Credit NBFCs see up to 18% growth in AUM in the GJ21 The bank stores your gold safely in the well-maintained locker and you don`t have to worry about security. In addition to interest rates, Muthoot also bear other fees, while gold loans include: You can exchange currencies in your next subsidiary De Muthoot Fincorp. You can keep the branch near Storage: The gold jewellery made available to the bank as collateral is kept securely in the bank`s safe and you can recover them after the full credit repayment. At Muthoot Fincorp, we make the loan easy to repay with our extended repayment deadlines. The minimum term we offer is 3 years, while the maximum duration is 20 years. This means that you can buy and celebrate the home of your dreams with lower IMEs, which contributes to the convenience of home loans. As part of the regulatory relief package announced by the Reserve Bank of India, the moratorium would result in a temporary deferral of the payment of principal/interest/payments of a loan to a maximum of three months.

You can visit a Muthoot Fincorp gold point near you to sell gold for silver. If you want to hang on to your jewelry, you can benefit from a Muthoot Fincorp gold loan at affordable interest rates. You can mortgage any type of gold jewelry with us. These include items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, `polki` kits, pendants, cardahs etc. The provision to grant small loans to small bank takers is called microfinance. The goal of a microfinance enterprise is to enable the poor, especially women and the economically weaker part of society, to access reliable and affordable financial services. This is the only reasonable way to eradicate poverty and contribute to a high economic and social impact. The flexibility for microfinance in India is enormous and can help stimulate the economy and provide entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs for millions of people.

You can also apply via CreditMantri for the best gold credit deals. CreditMantri adapts the borrower`s credit and demographic profile with the lender`s credit criteria and presents a shortlist of lenders who are willing to lend based on the credit profile. You can also get the latest discounted gold rates from the market and compare the most advantageous gold loans from different lenders. This depends on the gold rate on that date and the purity of the gold in the ornaments. You can better respond to this answer with your nearest muthoot finance branch. Yes, the processing fee is 12 to 12 Rs. 20 of the loan amount is charged for a Muthoot FIncorp gold loan. If you don`t have time to visit a branch near you for a golden loan, use the online process or contact our customer service staff at 1800-102-1616. 6.

What quality offer does Muthoot Finance accept for jewelry loans? The following documents are required when applying for De Muthoot Finance gold loans.