e. a statement that the State Secretary is appointed as agent of the foreign limited partnership for the service and notification of the proceedings if no agent has been appointed under the paragraph of this paragraph or if, if appointed, the power of the agent has been revoked or if the agent cannot be found or served with due diligence (1) , in order provided by law, with the exception of sponsoring agents because of their contributions and co-reasons. (N) A sponsor`s right to demand and receive property other than cash payment in return for its contribution, if given. (i) the partnership agreement may identify certain types or categories of activities that are not contrary to the duty of loyalty, unless they are manifestly inappropriate; or B. When a partner has repaid part of his contribution in violation of the social contract or deed, he is liable, for a period of six (6) years after, for the amount of the contribution improperly repaid. Transfer of transferable shares of the partner. (a) a transfer, in whole or in part, of a partner`s interest in the company: 2) after dissolution and liquidation of the company`s activity, in accordance with the transfer, to receive the net amount which can otherwise be transferred to the transferor; and b) An association formed on the basis of another law, a previous statute or a comparable status of another jurisdiction is not a company within the meaning of this Act. (h) filing a declaration of recognition specifies that a company has fulfilled all the conditions that preside over the company`s qualification as a limited partnership. A single limited partnership is a partnership formed by two or more individuals pursuant to Section 3 of this act and which, as a member, has one or more general partners and one or more sponsorships. Commandos as such are not bound by the obligations of the partnership. 2) the name of the business unit immediately prior to the filing of the sponsorship certificate; (g) Unless amended earlier, a declaration filed by the Partnership Authority is quashed five (5) years after the date on which the most recent declaration or amendment was submitted to the Secretary of State by the Office.

(e) Any person who is not a partner is deemed to be aware of a limitation on a partner`s ability to transfer real estate held on behalf of the company when a certified copy of the deposited statement containing the limitation of authority is registered with the entity responsible for registering transfers of that property. Partnership responsible for the implementation of the partner. (a) A partnership is responsible for the loss or injury inflicted on a person or a sentence resulting from an unlawful act or omission or enforceable conduct of a partner acting in the context of the ordinary activity of the partnership or with the authority of the partnership; 2. In the case of a transferee of an interest of a partner entitled to the company: 1. With the exception of the transfer of real estate, a delegation of power contained in a declaration filed for a person who, without knowledge to the contrary, gives value, is conclusive, both and to the extent that a limitation of that power is not contained in another statement filed.