For each real estate transaction, the maximum risk is borne by the borrower. Even experts agree that all real estate transactions carry a certain risk. From the buyer`s point of view, it is very important to protect your interests before signing under the tip line. I list 5 most critical clause that should be included in Property Sale Agreement to protect the buyer`s interests. Some time ago, I shared an article about Residential Project Size. I mentioned that prices remain close to the market price because of the size/supply. Another reason is that, in a large project, the owner is not able to control the stocks. If there is a fair demand for the project, then Category 2, that is, investors, cannot dictate the price. The only exception is that the project is not sold. As in the case of a certain township near Mumbai. According to sources, the project is only sold at 25% to 30%. Inventory balance is not sold, so I received hundreds of calls for the same project.

Every time I check the seller, the answer is standard “Sir`s is a flat investor.” Believe me real investor will not keep an apartment for more than 2 years after receiving the property. Another possibility is that real investors are not able to sell. In both cases, you have every reason not to buy the property. When an investor wants to sell his sub-construction property to a new purchaser to make a profit from his investment, he transfers the rights of the property to the new purchaser in full. 1. At what price was the transaction between the owner and the assignee made at the time the project was started? It is important for the buyer to know the price at the foundation and to execute documents such as the sales contract between the seller and the owner. This document must also be filed for a loan application. Some sellers will not want to disclose, but it is mandatory. In many markets such as Delhi and Mumbai, large brokers/agents also double as investors. Therefore, it is very likely that your broker/agent is an investor for the apartment. If you ask who owns the investor`s apartment, this information is never shared until the agreement is reached. Many readers of this blog reported that at the time of the agreement, they understood that the broker/agent was a dummy investor.

The way it works is that these brokers/agents/agency reserve a fixed stock at a predetermined price by paying a nominal amount. Now they are aggressively pushing to sell at higher prices and to make a profit. Builder is not concerned about the earnings of agents/agents. In a way, it`s good for him. Brokers buy the 6-9 month period to complete the deal. For example, in the case of one of my acquaintances in Delhi. They reached the agreement at 89L for an apartment in Dwarka. At the time of check-in, they got that the original seller is another person. The mannequin seller bought the property for 85L from the original seller by paying 2L. Therefore, he made a fresh profit of 4L on the investment of 2L money chips.