On 7 January 2020, Mr Salam√© expressed the hope that negotiations on military and security policy would begin in the next two weeks. These include a ceasefire, an arms embargo, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (GDR) and “terrorism and the fight against terrorism”. [45] A second monitoring area concerns the repositioning of the Libyan armed forces and joint patrols. The text vaguely states that the two coalitions agree to withdraw their troops from the front lines to the original bases. “The troops in Benghazi must return to Benghazi, those from Tripoli to Tripoli, those from Misrata to Misrata,” said a GNA military delegate, expressing the site`s interpretation of the clause. [fn] Notes of Brigadier General al-Faituri Gherbil, a member of the GNA DELEGATION during the ceasefire negotiations, to Libya al-Ahrar TV, 23 October 2020.Hide Footnote The lack of details on the deployment of troops and their equipment is of concern, particularly with regard to the central region of Libya, where the last military armament took place. Some politicians on Haftar`s side say that both sides have agreed to withdraw the fighters from the front lines in the desert between Sirte, Jufra and Misrata, but that Jufra and Qurdubiya, the two main air bases in the region, would remain under Haftar`s control, because the fighters from both towns are part of the LNA. [fn] Telephone interviews of the crisis group, people close to the LNA General Command, Tripoli and Benghazi, 24 October 2020. It is not known whether the pro-GNA coalition shares this view. However, both sides have committed to conducting joint police patrols along the front lines as soon as the armed forces withdraw.

But there are many skeptics and critics, especially among anti-Libyan factions. Tripoli`s defence minister welcomed the agreement and stressed the need for justice for war crimes, whether through Libyan and international judicial institutions. [fn] Statements by Defence Minister Salahedin Al Namroush to Libya al-Ahrar TV, broadcast on 25 October 2020. He referred to the demand of the pro-Tripoli factions to ask Haftar and his military to account for their actions during the siege of Tripoli. In a released statement, members of the Tripoli Parliament also expressed doubts about Haftar`s compliance with the agreement, “particularly with regard to the withdrawal of mercenaries from Wagner`s troops, the Janjaweed and the Chadian opposition.” “Statement by the High Council of the State on the Ceasefire Agreement,” October 25, 2020. Hide Footnote Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists have also expressed their displeasure with the deal and said it was lamentable as a negotiating partner, which they have long refused to do. [fn] Telephone interview of the crisis group, Islamist politicians in Tripoli, 25 October 2020. Even non-Islamist politicians in Tripoli, who consider themselves “nationalists” but who share the Islamists` aversion to Haftar, have expressed similar views. Telephone interviews of the crisis group, Tripoli politicians, 24-25 October 2020. Hide Footnote They hoped instead to marginalize him and bet that without his leadership, the LNA would disintegrate over time.