Military Airport (No. 28-8484) – All real estate contracts relating to the sale of residential real estate located in the immediate vicinity of a military air station must be provided with a statement that discloses this information. If you and the seller finally reach an agreement, your real estate agent will pass on your serious money cheque to the trust company at the same time as the contract signed by the buyer and seller. This is called the “opening of the trust bird.” The trust company will immediately deposit your serious money check so that you are sure you have enough money in this bank account to cover the cheque. Pool (B 36-1681 (E)) – If a residential property contains a swimming pool, the seller is required to include a disclosure in the contents of the purchase agreement that describes the obligations related to the ownership of a pool, as well as educational information that meets the standards of the Department of Health Services. Condo Disclosure Information. Necessary if the sale of real estate is managed by a owners` association or a proposed condominium/commune. (Ariz. Rev. Stat No. 33-1806 – 33-1260) A buyer who seriously offers money significantly less than 1% is often interpreted by sellers as not very serious with the purchase. Conversely, serious money, well above 1%, is often interpreted as a serious buyer`s sign. (FYI: In California, money is generally much higher than 1%).

Condominium/Projected Community (No. 33-1806 – No. 33-1260) – For developments consisting of less than fifty (50) units, the owner of a dwelling is responsible for making available to the buyer the documents relating to the construction protocol as well as all essential contact information. If the project consists of fifty (50) units or more, the owners` association is required to disclose the necessary information. (This must be notified to the buyer within 10 days of receiving written notification of a pending sale.) The pre-qualification form is prepared by your lender and a copy must be sent to your real estate agent. When submitting your offer to purchase, your real estate agent will add a copy of your pre-qualification form. The inclusion of the pre-qualification form in your offer greatly strengthens your offer without costing you a penny. In Arizona, sellers are required to enter into a real estate purchase agreement and the following disclosures to be considered legally binding: Page 2 of the contract asks the buyer if he inserts this form with the offer to purchase.