We`ve created a selection of End of Term videos that should help guide you through the process of returning your car to the end of your contract. Will my credit file be affected by the covid-19 situation? You can charge your contract before the original expiry date of your contract, but depending on the type of contract and size, you may be required to pay up to 90 days of penalty interest worth up to 90 days, which is subject to the National Credit Act. I have not yet signed my funding agreement, but I am concerned about my ability to pay as a result of COVID-19 It depends on the type of funding agreement you currently have. Please provide your contract number as a payment reference so that we can allocate the funds to your contract. With Alphera Contract Hire, you can enjoy stress-free driving. At the end of your agreement, we will remind you in writing that your rental period will end soon and we will proceed with the collection of your vehicle. You can then rent another vehicle through your partner Alphera on site. Please note that if you have received a deferral of payment, your balloon date has been changed based on the renewal of your contract. For more information on late payments, click here. While ALPHERA Financial Services is required to identify arrears in credit agencies during “usual” periods, in current exceptional circumstances where your current financial difficulty is solely due to COVID-19, we will not record negative information in your credit file due to a deferred payment. If your circumstances have changed and you need to change your agreement, call us on 0370 5050 125 and we will do our best to meet your needs.

To update your personal information, you can log in to your MyAccount portal. Alternatively, you can send us an email to customer.service@alpherafinance.co.za For all customers who have not yet signed a financing contract, but who have doubts about their ability to make payments for a vehicle as a result of COVID-19, we recommend that you discuss this with your dealer before signing a financing contract. Participation in a payment leave does not mean that you forego payment or interest due. It helps you by deferring your current payment obligation to the remaining term of your contract. This reprieve continues to attract interest and you will continue to pay the entire principal of the contract, resulting in higher payments for the remainder of the contract. Payment leave should only be taken if there is an unconditional need.